A job in the medical field can be both tremendously tiring yet incredibly rewarding – and that’s no different for Amanda Chong. 


A sales & marketing manager of medical implants with a passion for flower-arranging, Amanda has always had a few goals in mind: to grow her company, evolve her skillset, and live a contented, fulfilling life. Since starting her career as a junior implant specialist in a local medical company, her profession has given her plenty of opportunities for fulfillment & growth – being promoted to a senior specialist in just two years, and then a sales manager, and finally elected to leave her company to start a new one alongside 2 partners.

Amanda says that the happiest points of her career have been watching the fruits of her labor pay off, and seeing patients doing well & improving their quality of life from the implants she gives them. 


But while she’s grateful & proud of where her career has landed her so far, that doesn’t mean the journey was entire without struggle. The process of setting up a new company, for example, had its fair share of difficulties; as Amanda had to fully understand the people involved, create a healthy working culture, and lay a solid foundation for the backend staff. 


For Amanda, the experience would prove to be both challenging and enlightening, teaching her the importance of versatility.

Still, that doesn’t mean Amanda is done growing her company – far from it.

Despite the heights she & her colleagues have reached thus far, she still strives to impart her learned knowledge to a bigger team, provide more innovative & science-proven medical equipment to those who need it, and cultivate the medical company into one of the largest in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, this goal would come with it’s slew of challenges: these being muscle soreness & fatigue from long hours in the operating theatre.

After a hard day of work, Amanda describes how she would sometimes suffer bouts of aches & pains, and the toll this would have on her work performance.

“Sometimes I tend to feel very lethargic after long working days, and it makes me feel that my productivity is reduced due to that,” she says.