Between busy work schedules and high commitments, Valerie has seen the many ups and downs of business life as an emerging entrepreneur.


However, she’s determined to keep pushing onwards.


Like many young entrepreneurs, Valerie has big dreams for both herself and the showroom cafe she manages. For her business, she has ambitions to reach new heights and expand to wider borders; emerging both locally and internationally across the world & pursuing further passions in the dance industry. For her personal goals, her aspirations are a lot simpler but no less significant – to simply be rid of financial woes, free from health concerns,

and continue to give back to the community.

Despite her determination, however, Valerie’s path to success wouldn’t always be smooth- sailing. Even at the beginning of her career, when she was first building her business development skills in project management, she struggled with self-doubt in her ability to successfully manage a business of her own.  “At first, I was disappointed because I’ve wanted to run my own business, and felt like I don’t have what it takes,” she admits. 

However, even with this current pride in her professional journey, that doesn’t mean Valerie’s battle with stress & doubt were over. Even today, she often finds herself struggling with physical problems such as indigestion, bloating issues, body aches, and migraines due to the stress of her lifestyle, which would affect her concentration, chip away at both her performance and her confidence, and deter her from ultimately reaching her goals. 


“(There were) many moments when I felt like giving up, especially when I’m not in the best condition physically during important occasions, meetings and more at work as it leads me to believe that this may not be the career path for me due to how hectic it could get,” she explains. 

But much like before, Valerie would always persevere by reminding herself of both the
goals she had set for herself and the progress she had made, which would encourage & drive her to keep going.


Valerie admits that seeing what she planned for eventually come to life is the ultimate pay-off for her work. Her current showroom, for example, illustrates the pinnacle of her achievements – and all the pain and struggle it took for her to get to that point.

“I’ve always pictured the showroom cafe to be a place where people from different walks of life connect on the goals to bring better lifestyle options as a whole,” Valerie says. “(So) when the launch took place, it made me feel the happiest.