Gaming might seem like all play and no work, but completing games can sometimes be a job all on its own – and Xin Jun is someone who appreciates the challenge. 


When it comes to completing a good game,

Xin Jun can spend long stretches of time in front of a console; finding better strategies to beat the game, get optimal combos, and kill certain enemies without getting hit.

Ever since his primary school years, Xin Jun has been a gamer who thrives on 100% completion. His happiest moments when gaming always come from the sense of accomplishment at the end of a completionist run, when he’s attained every achievement and explored every nook the game has to offer. “I always wanna make sure I get everything I can get in a game, beat everything I can beat in a game, and explore everywhere there is to explore in the game,” he explains. “That provides me the uttermost pleasure & satisfaction.”
Despite his love for his hobby, Xin Jun also has other passions and goals outside of the gaming scene. As a full-time programmer who marvels at other people’s creative ideas, he has dreams of becoming a software architect, and helping said people digitally realize their visions. He’s since taken steps to breathe life into this dream: such as by building his professional network, learning from others’ experiences & expertise, and simply motivating himself to get closer to his goals day by day.

Unfortunately, long hours of gaming and working would have its tolls on his physical health. On top of the body aches and fatigue from his usual workouts, Xin Jun often finds himself suffering from the typical neck pains, eye fatigue, and headaches that come with sitting in front of a laptop for too long; which could come as a detriment to both his work aspirations and his gaming hobby.